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Owner | Lead Designer

Curating interiors & evoking inspiration

New Avenue strives to create interiors that offer a layered experience in an inspiring and thoughtful manner. With appreciation of materials, textures, and forms, a poetic story develops for each and every design that identifies the ever evolving client.

For over 15 years Nicole has brought her passion and creativity to projects all over New England and across the country. Her diverse experience in both Hospitality and High-End Residential Design gives Nicole an intimate understanding of how to make a space functional for everyday use yet stylish and thoughtful enough for even the most discerning clientele.

Inspiration is everywhere and Nicole is always looking for that unique idea that will take a project from standard to stand-out. Her ability to collaborate effectively with both the client as well as the other project team members makes Nicole a trusted voice when it comes to design decisions and moving the project towards completion. 

Prior to starting her own venture with New Avenue, Nicole has worked at well known design firms in the Boston area, gaining knowledge and experience on all facets of the design.

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