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That's right - warm neutral paints are making a come back, but not that beige blanket that took over homes years ago (that we're still trying to rid of room by room). Nope.

The warm neutrals range from soft ivory whites to natural greige tones, and they offer a casual yet still sophisticated look. Not only do these neutrals pair beautifully with an array of colors and finishes, but they feel more natural and softer on the eye. Consider warming up your space.

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An interior designer is essentially the unofficial liaison between the client, builder and architect. Yes, you can renovate or build a home without an interior designer, but will your personality and character shine through? At the same time, a designer can be hired and work solely with the homeowner to tackle the often-overwhelming task of making an existing home more comfortable, welcoming, and above all more efficient for day-to-day life. A designer will put themselves into your lifestyle and ask questions that are often overlooked.

-Do you host family & friends frequently?... Let’s look for a table with extra extensions, some additional chairs that complement your daily seating that could be placed in the other rooms, and let’s make sure the area rug under the dining table can support the extra size table for a cohesive look.

-Is cooking an important activity in your home?... Drawer storage is the best storage. Perhaps a prep-sink at the island, in addition to your main kitchen sink would be better suited in navigating the kitchen.

-Is cleaning a daily task, or a “when I get to it”?... A matte finish hardwood, or a porcelain tile with minimal dark grout lines for flooring would be more forgiving.

-Does your sofa need to accommodate lively kids or the family pet?... Let’s look at multi-medium tone, textural woven fabric with a high double rub. These fabric qualities will hold up to an active family, but also help disguise those dirty hands and paws.

These questions, while simple, provide important insight to understanding room adjacencies, space planning, interior finishes and quality of materials for your home. The truth is, interior designers are experienced trade members that specialize in interiors and the many facets of the design. Whether working solely with the homeowner, or as part of a team with other skilled trades; an interior designer will bring passion and creativity to the project to best customize the interior to the individuals calling it home.

They say, “home is where the heart is”, so make yours beautiful and welcoming.

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